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About Dr. Zhou:

jameszhou.jpg (22570 bytes) Yale University Scientist (90 - 97) Master Herbal Pharmacologist Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board Heba Laboratories, LLC [email protected]

Dr. James Zhou was born in China During the Cultural Revolution, his father, who was a court judge, was murdered by the Red Guard. He and his two brothers were smuggled out of the city and into the mountains, where he was raised being a little boy by Chinese Taoist Masters. From the first day in the mountains, he was exposed to herbs and methods for combining herbs. At the same time his training began in Kung Fu, Tai Qi, Acupuncture and Acupressure. Finally he was trained in Qi Gong. Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine has been a part of his training throughout his life.

At the age of 10 he began to receive, on a part-time basis, a "normal" education. While attending school, he was required to work in the fields, which he did until the age of 15. At that time he was given the responsibility of running an entire farming community, raising grains, rice, and various herbs. At 18, he earned the opportunity to take a competitive examination for college entrance. He passed, entered college and received a B.S. degree in Agriculture. He continued on and earned an M.S in Plant Genetics. After receiving his Masters degree, he became director of a laboratory in genetic research at Beijing University of Agriculture, a position he held for two years.

Circumventing the system in China, Dr. Zhou wrote directly to a number of American universities. He was accepted and given financial aid by Iowa State University, where be received a Ph.D. in Genetics and Biochemistry. After graduation, Dr. Zhou accepted a position as a National Institute of Health Fellow at Yale University; a position he held for two years. He was then appointed to a position as faculty member in the Pharmacology Department at the Yale University School of Medicine. His Yale research resulted in important advancements in cancer treatment and antiviral drug development.

Dr Zhou has lectured on various aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine throughout the United States and European countries. He is a monthly contributor for Health Supplement Retailer Magazine, frequently interviewed by major television and radio net works in US and in European countries. He hosts various radio programs across the country. His column, lectures and radio programs focus, and seek to educate the Western readers, on Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.

He has taught Tai Qi, Qi Gong, Kung Fu, and given seminars on Acupuncture and Acupressure. Dr. Zhou continues to do research in herbal medicine with special emphasis on standardization of Chinese herbs and herbal formulas to improve the quality of herbal medicine. He holds numerous US Patents in biotechnology and in herbal medicine. He has developed and successfully marketed number of well-known brands in herbal medicine and nutritional markets in US, Europe, as well as Asian Pacific regions.

Dr. Zhou was nominated as Director and Professor of Oriental Medicine of International Natural Medicine Society, and Professor at University of Natural Medicine in US. He founded HEBAMEDICINE.COM in Middletown, Connecticut, which teaches and promotes natural medicine, and Chinese Herbal Medicine internationally. He serves the Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board for Heba Laboratories (its Internet Address is HEBALAB.COM) in Middletown, Connecticut, which develops and manufactures highest quality Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, therapeutic and nutritional products. He also served as the formulator for Three Treasures Tea line of New Spirit Naturals Inc. in San Dimas, California.

HebaTM Laboratories LLC
At Industrial Park
460 Smith Street, B2
Middletown CT 06457 USA

Main: 1.860.635.6200
Toll free: 1.800.965.1408

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Selected list of US patents awarded to Dr. Zhou:
# 5939072, 1999 Herbal Composition and Method of Treating Viral Infection of Liver
# 5997875, 1999 Herbal Composition and Treatment Methods
# 6124442, 2000 Process for Extracting Lo Han Fruit (Magic Fruit) Sweetening Principles
# 6123947, 2000 Herbal Composition and Treatment Methods for Psoriasis

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