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Dr. James Zhou - Click for Bio
Dr. James Zhou, Ph.D.
Yale University Scientist (90 - 97)
Master Herbal Pharmacologist
Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board
Heba Laboratories, LLC
Frequently Asked Questions


Q.    Why take Chinese herbal formulas?


  1. More than 90% of the world’s population consumes some form of herbal therapy.  The FDA has ruled that herbs are food supplements, and cannot be portrayed as curing, diagnosing, or preventing disease. However, Chinese herbs have helped millions to maintain good health.  It is thought that ancient herbal combinations, originating over 5,000 years ago, and passed down from generation to generation, actually enhance the body’s self-healing abilities. Chinese herbs, when combined by an experienced and knowledgeable herbologist, bring the imbalanced body to balance.



Q.  How can I reach you?


  1. To ask a question, or to place an order, you may call 1-800-965-1408 to speak with one of our sales representatives. Or, visit our user friendly website:  www.hebamedicine.com, and ask the Herb Master for help in selecting the correct herbal formulas for your health needs.


Q.  Why do I need the "Herb Master?"


A.  It’s challenging for consumers to accurately choose an appropriate herbal therapy.  Over the centuries, the properties of hundreds of herbs have been documented and they, in turn, have given rise to hundreds of herbal combinations. In order to accurately address your health needs, we encourage the use of the Herb Master when choosing among the many and varied herbal combinations. 



Q. What are the advantages of herbal medicine?


  1. Experience.  Based on historical use, herbs actually promote health, have fewer side effects, and have actually been proven safer.



Q.  At Heba® Laboratories, how has herbal medicine been transitioned from the ancient to modern methods of formulation? 


  1. In the past, due to insufficient technology, benigne prostaathyperplasie it was not possible to accurately evaluate the multiple components in herbal formulas.  Here at Heba® Laboratories we use the most sophisticated technology in the industry to standardize and guarantee that each tea serving contains consistent and measurable health benefits. Now, when we draw upon the philosophy of Yin/Yang and the Five Elements, each of our herbal formulas can be designed with an eye to the precise relationship of body function and structure. Lastly, we can use the statistics found in contemporary clinical trials to help provide the most recently found scientific benefits of Chinese herbs.



Q.  How do you put Heba’s product line together?


  1. We choose organically grown herbs, concentrate them to the highest potency, and then standardize each liquid concentrate while assuring you the highest quality and taste.Though organically grown in the mountains of China, our herbs are formulated, bottled and shipped to you from our laboratory in Middletown, Connecticut.


Q.  Are liquid concentrates more effective than capsules or tablets?


  1. The body assimilates liquids more easily and efficiently than capsules and tablets.  By using liquid herbal concentrates, you relieve the body of the stress required to break down solid supplements. Drinking herbs as tea therapy is more enjoyable, too!



Q.  Are there any known contraindications to conventional drugs or any unwanted side effects?


    A.  Unlike using a single herb or chemical drugs, skillfully prepared herbal formulas do not have unwanted side effects.  It is ideal to take herbal formulas 2 hours apart from prescribed medications, so they do not interfere with the other’s absorption.                  


Q.  Can I use your products together and/or with other herbs or herbal formulas?


  1. Yes, you may combine and use up to four of our herbal formulas at one time. Due to busy schedules, many of our customers place their herbal concentrates in sport bottles and drink the combined therapeutic benefits throughout the day.Our herbal formulas, when combined and taken together or with other herbs, actually give increased health benefits.



Q.  Can I use your formulas with vitamins?


  1. Absolutely, in fact our herbal formulas give double benefit to the value of your vitamin supplements.



Q.  Should I take additional antioxidants while taking your teas?


  1. No, there is sufficient antioxidant power in 2-3 cups of GreenPlusTM Tea, SpringTM Green Tea, GingerPlusTM Tea, CurealTM,  VitaCafeTM and  HornyCafeTM to meet your daily needs.


Q.  What makes your products taste so good?


  1. Fruit of ParadiseTM is extracted from the Luo Han Kuo fruit, giving our herbal concentrates a fine, light and sweet taste.The extraction method is a proprietary, patented process.


Q.  Is it possible to take too much of your product?


  1. It is recommended that you follow the suggested servings on the label of each herbal formula.  However, teas such as GreenPlusTM Tea, GingerPlusTM Tea and DentaSweetTM can be used as often as desired.


Q.  Can children use your products?


  1. Yes!  Children love the taste.  Be sure to read about age-adjusted dosages in the General Instructions.


Q.  Will Fruit of ParadiseTM  or DentaSweetTM elevate blood sugar levels in diabetics?


  1. No. As a sugar alternative, it is very beneficial for persons with diabetes.The body cannot breakdown Fruit of ParadiseTM, or its concentrated counterpart, DentaSweetTM.  Consequently, these fruit sweeteners are not absorbed by the body and, therefore, cannot elevate blood glucose levels.


HebaTM Laboratories LLC
At Industrial Park
460 Smith Street, B2
Middletown CT 06457 USA

Main: 1.860.635.6200
Toll free: 1.800.965.1408

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Selected list of US patents awarded to Dr. Zhou:
# 5939072, 1999 Herbal Composition and Method of Treating Viral Infection of Liver
# 5997875, 1999 Herbal Composition and Treatment Methods
# 6124442, 2000 Process for Extracting Lo Han Fruit (Magic Fruit) Sweetening Principles
# 6123947, 2000 Herbal Composition and Treatment Methods for Psoriasis

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