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BREAKING NEWS!  --  In addition to becoming a Heba Labs Sales Rep, we are proud to announce a new exciting opportunity to represent our latest opportunity at the ground floor!  Introducing Energy Nutrients, Inc. !!

New Reps Wanted - Please take a moment to review our exciting business opportunities!

Build Your Own Health Business as a Distributor

Would you like to earn a six-figure income?
Would you like to own a business promoting real products that do what they claim?
Are you sick of MLM?  Binary?  Online Work-at-home scams?
Would you like to represent an honest company that seeks to educate the world on the well-documented benefits of all-natural, safe, herbal medicine?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above questions than you may be an excellent fit for us.  Heba Laboratories offers an exciting, unique opportunity for you to be our local Direct Sales Representative and Health Consultant.  Become an Independent Representative for our incredible herbal tea products and discover the satisfaction of your own profitable business while helping people with their health.

The Market:

Before starting any business opportunity you must first investigate whether there is a market for what you want to sell?  We’re so confident in the market potential of the herbal tea/medicine business we’ve done the homework for you.  Consider these facts:

  • 33% of all vitamin users in the U.S. also take herbal supplements
  • Herbal products represent the fastest growing segment of the overall nutritional supplements category last year
  • Shoppers spent an estimated $4 billion on herbal products designed to enhance health, prevent illness, and improve performance last year according to Package facts, Inc.
  • TIME Magazine, Jan. 2002, Green Tea is one of the 10 Best Foods for Your Health

And many more facts are available through Gallup, Drug Store News, and Chain Drug Review

Our Products:

Heba Labs offers a complete line of Traditional Chinese Herbal Tea Concentrates that can be targeted for men, women, or children and covers many types of ailments.  Our products are all natural, fully standardized, organic, non-caloric, caffeine, and alcohol free.

Each product is synergistically formulated by Dr. James Zhou, based on the Principles of Chinese Medicine,  and is manufactured based on patent #s 6,124,442, and 6,103,240.  For more information on Dr. Zhou see his biography page at


Our herbal products come in four categories: Concentrated Herbal Teas, Coffee Alternatives, Sugar Replacement, and Therapeutic Herbal Concentrates.


This is not a get-rich quick scheme.  This is a 100% legitimate opportunity to own your own business and as such, the more work you put into it the greater the reward!  But WHAT A REWARD!  Heba Labs has designed a compensation plan with generous discounts and outstanding commission rates.

Highlights of the Compensation Plan include:

  • Purchase products at 35% off retail to resell at your own home Heba office! 
  • A quick-start program where you can purchase over $290 worth of product for just $99
  • Earn a competitive commission on direct sales and re-orders for long-term residual income
  • Earn additional income by introducing our products to professional retailers (stores, practitioners, massage therapists, chiropractors, etc)
  • Upgrade to Regional Director (RD) or Managing Director (MD) status and receive additional bonuses and awards
  • Potential to earn over $1,000 each month.
  • And many, many more! Make that change in your life!

Make that change in your life!

Starting a business is not an easy decision.  As a Direct Sales Representative for us you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds by being in business FOR yourself but NOT by yourself.

If you're ready to get started and purchase your sales kit today, click here

To receive more information on how you can work from home, earn up to six figures, and enjoy the satisfaction of truly helping others in a business without the pressures of an MLM, than sign up below or call  800-965-1408.

Take control of your Health and your Wealth! Let Heba Labs show you how!

Coming Soon!! Get your own reseller website!  Watch for more details on this new opportunity soon.

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HebaTM Laboratories LLC
At Industrial Park
460 Smith Street, B2
Middletown CT 06457 USA

Main: 1.860.635.6200
Toll free: 1.800.965.1408

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Selected list of US patents awarded to Dr. Zhou:
# 5939072, 1999 Herbal Composition and Method of Treating Viral Infection of Liver
# 5997875, 1999 Herbal Composition and Treatment Methods
# 6124442, 2000 Process for Extracting Lo Han Fruit (Magic Fruit) Sweetening Principles
# 6123947, 2000 Herbal Composition and Treatment Methods for Psoriasis https://ed-italia.com/comprare-cenforce-senza-ricetta/

Featured Products developed by Dr. Zhou:
Green Tea ORAC - Red Raspberry Flavor 
Green Tea ORAC - Orange Flavor 
Green Tea ORAC - Peach Flavor 
Spring Green Tea™ Strawberry Flavor 
Green Tea ORAC™ Strawberry Flavor 
Hoodia Slim Tea™ 
HEBA-CAL™ Calcium Citrate Extra™ 
HEBA-CAL™ Magnesium Extra™ 
HEBA-CAL™ Coral Calcium Extra™  
Echinacea (Dr. Zhou's Formula) 
Spring™ Green Tea 
GinsengPlus Tea™ 
GingerPlus Tea™ 
Green Tea ORAC™